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A gloved hand puts a plant into a small pot.

How to Safely Repot your Plants

September 6, 2021  |  Annuals, Houseplants

Repotting your Overgrown Houseplant  As any houseplant enthusiast will tell you, it can be all too easy to kill your house plant. You can kill it with neglect or otherwise kill it with kindness (overwatering, too

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August 18, 2021  |  Perennials

Let's talk about one of the most popular perennials around.... Echinacea (more commonly know as Coneflower) are a particularly nice native plant. The native purple coneflower now has many fancy hybrid cousins in all

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Why Are My Shoes Orange!

August 11, 2021  |  Lawns

Last evening when I was watering a few things in the landscape, I suddenly noticed my shoes and my hose were coated in an orangish powder. What this means is that my lawn has a fungus called Rust. The up and down

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Cilantro Pesto

April 30, 2018  |  recipes

A twist on pesto, this version incorporates sour cream at the end to become a delcious sauce for fish tacos or marinated grilled steak. Try it as a dip for shrimp cocktail, too. For a classic pesto, eliminate the sour

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Monday Morning Inspiration

March 27, 2018

  Grab your coffee and a pal! There’s nothing better on a cold Spring morning than a stroll through our greenhouses. Start your week off with a smile and kick those Monday blues out the door before they even

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Free Seminar: Hope Taft: Ohio

March 20, 2018

Saturday, March 24 10:00   In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Ohio’s Scenic Waterways, Hope Taft has a beautiful Powerpoint presentation about the history and preservation of these state treasures. 

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