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Sep 11, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024

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Seminar: A-List Perennials

Mar 16, 2024

Saturday, March 16 10:00   

A-List Perennials: Who, What, Where, and Why

We’re highlighting three standout perennials: Peonies, Clematis, and Hellebores.  Find out why we love them, where to plant them, and how to help them thrive.  We’re especially excited about some new-to-Knollwood varieties that we will give you a heads-up for this Spring! Please call to register.


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Seminar: Houseplants On The Move

Mar 23, 2024

Saturday, March 23 10:00

Houseplants On The Move

It seems like we just brought them inside for winter, and now we can’t wait to take our favorite plants outside for the summer.  Let’s talk about when and how to repot and cut back, when to start fertilizing, and how to transition to the outdoors (Hint: don’t just put them anywhere!) We’ll also introduce some new specimens we’ve gathered for you!   Please call to register.


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Seminar: The Boxwood Report

Apr 6, 2024

Saturday, April 6 10:00

The Boxwood Report: Your Questions Answered

If you have boxwood shrubs (and a lot of us do!) you may be aware that they have had some challenges in the last year.  Between a blight and some voracious moths, they can’t catch a break!  Come hear the latest updates and treatments, care strategies for prevention, and also some great alternative shrubs if you want a new look with the same good qualities.  Please call to register.



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Seminar: Tried and True Annuals

Apr 13, 2024

Garden Party Saturday, April 13 10:00

Annuals: Tried And True, And Some Thing(s) New

John and Vickie have been polling their co-workers and are ready to share our secrets! What plants are tried and true, can’t do with out never miss annuals that we swear by, and how do we use them. Get the scoop on new varieties we think you’ll love to add to your rotation! Call to register.


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Seminar: Herb Lore & Lessons

Apr 14, 2024

Garden Party Sunday, 14  12:00

Herb Lore and Lessons Learned

There are some great stories and trivia in the history of herbs and their uses:  Let’s learn some fun facts and talk about strategies to get the most out of your herb plantings, whether decorative or edible.  Herbs are also valuable for our pollinator friends like bees and butterflies, we’ll talk about which ones they love the most.  Please call to register. 


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