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Gift Guide for the Mom That Loves Gardening

Gift Guide for the Mom That Loves Gardening

Trying to find the perfect gift for your mom or a mom in your life for Mother's Day can be a challenge. However, if your mom is passionate about gardening, then there are many gifts you can give her that will be sure to brighten her day.  

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Five Ways Gardening Can Improve Your Health

May 2, 2022  |  Garden, Gardening Tools

There are many similarities between your body and a garden. Most prominently, they both need regular care and maintenance to stay healthy.  

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How to Properly Clean Your Gardening Tools

February 7, 2022  |  Cleaning, Gardening Tools, Tips and Tools

From trowels to pitchforks, to rakes, and more, your tools need to be cleaned after each use. Dirt and debris can easily stick to the head of most gardening tools. Lack of proper hygiene practices can lead to loss of function.  

It is important that you rid your tools of dirt after every use and perform a deeper clean regularly.  

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