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Watering Your Plants in the Summer

Watering Your Plants in the Summer

June 3, 2024  |  Summer Season, Watering Plants

Summer is here, and there is no better time than now to sit in your backyard and enjoy your hard work. 

Watering plants in the summer heat can be a challenging task, as the peak-heat temperatures and increased evaporation rate can quickly dry out the soil. It is crucial to provide the right amount of water to plants to ensure their optimal growth, health, and survival during this time. 

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Green tomatoes hanging on a vine with the text: "5 secrets that will make our garden plants thrive this summer"

These Five Secrets Will Make Your Garden Plants Thrive This Summer

It’s summer. The sun is shining, the soil is warm, and a slight breeze is tussling your hair. Everything is perfect. Well, not everything. That new plant you bought in spring, the one that once filled you with joy and excitement, is now dwindling into a dry, brown mess.  

What happened? You took care of your new plant the same as all the others, but this new plant is dying where the others thrive.  

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A bee on a pink flower

Beneficial Insects: How These Tiny Creatures Can Transform Your Garden

April 3, 2023  |  garden, summer season, tiny creatures

Your garden is bursting with life! 

Blooming flowers, wriggling worms, and ripening vegetables are all signs of a healthy thriving garden.  

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