Get a Head Start on Your Spring Garden with These Five Tips

Get a Head Start on Your Spring Garden with These Five Tips

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Spring is right around the corner and that means it is time to jump headfirst into the gardening season.  


Now is the perfect time to start planning your garden, so you can take full advantage of the growing season.  


The last thing you want is to plan out your garden in early spring, only to have to wait to start crafting because you are missing a key component.  


If you want to start spring gardening right from the get-go, use these tips! 


Five Gardening Tips to Help You Get a Strong Start in Spring 


The gray skies of winter are retreating, and a cool and mild spring is in bloom. It's time to get to work on your garden! 


However, it is important that you not start your garden too soon (as a late frost can kill your budding plants), or too late (you don’t want to miss out on key growing time). So, like all great things, your spring garden should start with a plan.  


It All Starts with a Plan 


Before you make your first move, gather some paper, a pencil, and your imagination! 


You may want to do the same thing as last year (hey, why mess with perfection?), or you may want to do something entirely new.  


Either way, take some time to jot down some ideas, plants you love, plants you want to explore, accessories you want to add, and anything else you might want to add to your garden.  


You can even sketch a quick map of your garden if you want to hone the details.  


Check out this guide for creating the perfect spring garden plan! 


Just be sure you have a list of everything you will need to buy at the start of spring so you can get started immediately.  


It’s A Matter of Timing 


The best time to plant is determined by the first and last frost of the season. Some plants can be planted before the last frost, while others need to wait until weeks after.  


Do a little research on the plants you want to have in your garden this year and determine when is the best time to plant them.  


You can also check out this year’s farmers’ almanac for some planting predictions.  


You know when to plant your veggies, here’s when you should harvest them! 


Get Your Soil and Seeds 


Before the planting season, you can stock up on your soil and seeds so your garden is ready to go after the last frost.  


This is especially useful if you are afraid the seeds you want will run out or you think you will need to order them. 


Store your seeds and soil in a temperate, dark, and dry area so they are ready to go come spring.  


Start a Mini Indoor Incubation Garden 


Some plants will not make it in the colder days of Ohio’s early spring. However, you can start growing them indoors now! 


You can start many hardy vegetables indoors now and move them outdoors as soon as April. Peas, carrots, spinach, and other tough vegetables make for great early-spring plants, and they can be started indoors now.  




Spring is here, but that cold weather just won’t go away! Only one thing left to do: accessorize! 


Some people prefer to accessorize as they go, meaning buying or installing accessories based on how their garden fills in. But building a foundation for your garden to grow into can be a great way to get into gardening before you can plant your seeds. 


At the very least, you can go window shopping for accessories.  


Ever wonder how you can add art and décor to your garden? Learn more here! 


Think of it this way, if you keep your eyes peeled for accessories early, you can find something you love before other prudent gardens run the best accessories out of stock.  


Satisfy Your Gardening Needs at Knollwood Garden Center 


If you are anything like us, spring just can’t get here soon enough! 


Waiting is the hardest part, and fortunately for you, spring is almost here.  


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