The Best Plants for Your Water Garden

The Best Plants for Your Water Garden

June 6, 2022
Water Lilies

There is nothing more beautiful (or refreshing) than a water garden in your backyard.  


Not only does a water garden add a unique splash of life to your yard, but it also allows you to grow plants and vegetation that you cannot on dry land.  


These unique water plants come with their own individual challenges and needs.  However, the beauty they add to your yard is unbeatable.  


Whether you have a water garden, fountain, or pond, it is wise to take full advantage of several different types of water plants.  


Choose a few plants that will add height and color around your water garden as well as some that will float on the water’s surface.  


This post will help you identify a few different plants that may be right for your water garden.  


The Best Plants for Your Water Garden 


Water Lilies 


Water lilies are excellent choices for many water gardens as they add a burst of color and fragrance to your yard. There are a handful of different hues to choose from (red, pink, yellow, white, and more) so you can choose which color suits your needs. A fully mature water lily dances on the water’s ripples, adding a layer of tranquility to your already beautiful water garden. 


Water Hyacinth 


Both beautiful and invasive, the water hyacinth is a water plant that can add vibrant beauty to your water garden. They only bloom in groups, so be sure to keep your water hyacinth corralled with a hula hoop or woven basket. While they need a bit of extra work to ensure they don't spread out of control, this gorgeous purple flower can give your water garden a pop of color.  


Water Lettuce 


Water lettuce is a popular choice for water gardens, and indeed it has been cultivated for thousands of years. These plants add an infusion of color and texture to your water garden and thrive in warm weather. Water lettuce can be toxic if ingested so be sure that animals or children do not take a bite! 




Known to thrive in bogs and wetlands, the horsetail plant adds a unique shape and frill to your water garden. They usually grow around the edges of your garden and add a distinct barrier between land and water. Horsetails grow very well in nearly any climate and are notably easy to care for.  


Your Water Garden Will Thrive with Oxygenators 


When creating your water garden, it is important to include oxygenator plants. These are plants that are submerged in the water and cut down on excessive algae while infusing your garden with oxygen.  


These plants are unique in that they grow entirely underwater and get all their nutrients from the water through their leaves, not through roots like other plants.  


Here are some common oxygenators to consider for your yard: 


  • American Pondweed 

  • Bushy Pondweed 

  • Hornwort 

  • Parrotfeather 


Add one of these oxygenators to your water garden to help your water plant life thrive! 


Improve Your Yard with a Vibrant Water Garden 


Water gardens are one of the best and most unique ways to infuse your yard with a sense of peace and tranquility.  


There are dozens of different water plants you can choose from to help make the most out of your water garden. Each requires its own unique level of care and provides individual beauty.  


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