Road Closure: We're Open!

July 16, 2017

Although Dayton Xenia Rd is closed next to Deals Landscaping and Busy Beaver Arts and Crafts, the road is open on either side of the work and all businesses can be reached during this short repair period. The DXRD corridor is getting a major upgrade, we\\\'re sure you\\\'ve noticed!  The road is being widened to accommodate turn lanes and to add a sidewalk for easier access to businesses, the bike path, the Senior Center complex and more.  Beginning Monday July 17, Dayton-Xenia will be closed just east of Deals Landscaping to widen the bridge structure over a deep culvert. All businesses will be accessible from either side of this closure. Weather permitting, it will only be for 10 days. 

While that work is being completed, those of you traveling from the east of North Fairfield will have to take a quick and easy detour. Just get yourself to Grange Hall Rd: you can take Kemp Rd to Grange Hall and turn left, or Research Park from the overpass of Rt. 35 and turn right on Grange Hall, then head back east 1/8 mile on DXRD to get to us and our neighbors. 

Coming from Dayton, Riverside, Kettering, Bellbrook, etc.?  You won\\\'t even notice the disruption at all!