Houseplants to the Rescue - Beat the Winter Blahs

Houseplants to the Rescue - Beat the Winter Blahs

January 2, 2023  |  Benefits of Houseplants, Houseplants, Winter
Several houseplants on stands in front of a window

Has winter got you down? Are you feeling a little gray and sludgy? 


These are all symptoms of gardening withdrawal – or as we call them, the blahs! 


Cracks of sunshine in the dreary sky may give you hope for summer days to come, but winter still has a long way to go before it is over.  


One easy and healthy way to de-stress and overcome the blahs is to fill your space with living and colorful houseplants.  


This practice will add a touch of gardening fun to the winter, and you can pick out some colorful and fun pots to go with your indoor plants.  


 In this post, we will take a quick look at the mental health benefits of indoor plants, which plants produce the most oxygen (for better air quality), and which houseplants are easiest to care for. Keep reading to learn how you can beat the blahs with houseplants this winter.  


The Mental Health Benefits of Houseplants 


If you are feeling the blahs this winter, then houseplants may be just the thing to give your mental health a boost.  


Here are some key takeaways: 


  • People and plants are naturally connected, and our mental health is greatly influenced by the presence of plants.  


  • It only takes 20 minutes around plants to improve our mood.  


  • Plants can bring you relief when you are in an enclosed space. 


  • In one study, young adults who spent only a few minutes re-potting and transplanting indoor plants reported feeling less stressed at the end of the task, as compared to peers who engaged in computer-based activities. 


  • Having five or more foliage plants indoors can increase positive emotions. 


  • Green-yellow and bright green leaves increased feelings of cheerfulness and relaxation. 


Revamping your houseplant situation may be just the thing to help get your mental health back on track. 


Decades of study and research have found a connection between people and plants. Natural environments have a sizable effect on increasing positive emotions and decreasing negative ones. 


  • The positive effects of house plants are clear. A healthy infusion of houseplants can help give you something to work on and add a new hobby to these dreary winter days.  


The Best Houseplants for Air Quality 


Houseplants purify the air by consuming carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. 


Here are some of the best houseplants for air quality. 


  • Bromeliads and air plants 


  • Corn plant 


  • English ivy 


  • Phalaenopsis orchids 


  • Peace lily 


  • Philodendron heartleaf, Selloum 


  • Devil’s ivy (Pothos) 


  • Snake plant 


  • Spider plant 


  • Umbrella plant 


Houseplants that are Easiest to Care for 


If you are new to caring for houseplants, then you will want to start with plants that are easier to care for. Once you have mastered those plants, you can move on to more challenging house plants.  


Here are some houseplants that are easier to care for. 


  • Aloe 


  • Snake plant 


  • Bromeliads 


  • ZZ plant 


  • Chinese money plant 


  • Jade plant 


  • Pothos 


  • Rabbit’s ear 


  • Rubber plant 


  • Dieffenbachia 


  • Philodendron 


  • Spider plant 


  • Cactus 


  • Cast iron plant 


  • Air plants 


  • African violet 


  • Peace lily 


  • Monstera 


The houseplants above are great options to start with. They require regular care but are more forgiving if you fall off schedule. 


Houseplants from Knollwood Garden Center Will Help You Through the Winter 


If you are struggling with the winter blahs, then a houseplant infusion may be just the thing to help you recover.  


Houseplants can help boost your mental health, they purify your home's air, and many varieties are easy to care for. 


If you want to boost your houseplant collection this winter, stop by Knollwood Garden Center. We have the best selection of indoor houseplants in Beavercreek, Ohio.  


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