Garden Party Seminars

Garden Party Seminars

April 7, 2014

Saturday, April 9 10:00
We’re So Excited: New & Nifty at Knollwood

Get ready to be inspired: John and Barb have gathered all the best new or really neat plants and products to get you excited for spring. Colorful new annuals, fantastic tropicals, tasty herbs, trees and shrubs be... all the best stuff you are going to want in your garden this year. This will be fun!

Sunday, April 10 1:00 pm
Darn, I Wish I Knew That!

Pam Bennet, Clark County OSU Extension agent, takes you through the most common mistakes that new (and seasoned!) gardeners make.  Learn about your soil, proper planting, mulching, and more during this fast-paced program highlighted by her new book, Garden-pedia:  An A - to - Z Guide to Gardening Terms.
You are guaranteed to learn at least one new thing about gardening!