Dayton's Christmas Poinsettias

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Colors available in each size do vary; shop early for the best selection!

'Cortez Burgundy' Poinsettias

'Cortez Burgundy'

A unique deep burgundy color... rich and appealing.

'Ice Punch' Poinsettias

'Ice Punch'

This variety has hot pink bracts bleading into a creamy center... striking and fun.

Monet Poinsettias


Peach colored bracts are liberally sprinkled with pink, merging into a pink border.

'Premium Picasso'

'Premium Picasso'

'Sonora White Glitter'

'Sonora White Glitter'

Features outstanding contrast between the deep red and vreamy white on the bracts.

Marble Poinsettias


Pink and cream bracts over medium green foliage.  This variety has a very nice shape.

Pink Poinsettias


Bright, clear pink bracts in clusters.

Red Poinsettias


Rich deep red bracts over dark green leaves are a very popular selection every year.

White Poinsettias


Snowy white bracts cover medium green foliage for a beautiful winter display.